Can Cats Eat Fruits - Hidden Facts To Know
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Can Cats Eat Fruits - Hidden Facts To Know

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A responsible cat owner should ask the types of foods their cat can and cannot have.
Cats are carnivores and survive on meat so if you are asking can cats eat fruit it is not surprising to know that they do not have much interest on fruits as other animals do.

Domestic cats just like wild cats are carnivores. They appreciate it when they are given meat dishes.

They do not eat vegetables although some cats may show interest on certain types of vegetables. Before giving your cat any fruit to create a diversion of their usual meat diet, it is ideal to see and talk to your vet if your cat can have fruit. Some fruits are fine for cats but there are also some which can be toxic to their system.
Your vet can tell you the kinds of fruits that your cat can safely eat and those you should avoid at all cost.

Cats can eat fruits except grapes and persimmons because they are toxic and can kill your cat. Do not also give them acidic fruits such as oranges, lime or lemons which can irritate your cat's tummy.

You do not want to compromise the health of your cat just because you want them to try something new aside from what they are regularly eating so you should never attempt giving them any fruit especially without consulting your vet first.

Some vets may recommend you to not give any fruit or vegetables.
Cats can survive on meat alone and gets most of the nutrients they need from it. If you have decided to give them ready to eat meals such as those you can find in the supermarket, make sure the brand you want to choose manufactures cat food using the finest and the best ingredients.

Dry food online diet is not ideal for cats. It would be smart to add canned food to their diet as well. Opt for a healthier meat based cat food that has little to no amount of grain.

Some cats may show some interests in fruits and vegetables. There is nothing wrong about giving your cat some fruits as long as it won't harm them.
Be extra careful in giving fruits especially apples because it can easily choke your cat. Ideally, serve it sliced in sizes that your cat is able to chew or swallow.

Fruits may be delicious and nutritious but not all the nutrients present in it are important or necessary in your cat's diet.

So even if your cat is showing some interests in the fruit you eat, resist the temptation of sharing it to them if you do not want them to suffer from any health problem that may be brought about by consumption of fruit. As a treat, give your cat some dry foods or let her enjoy their favorite meat dish as a reward for their good behavior.

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